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Welcome. Here's What We're All About:
Is this a recession?
Some say we're coming out of it. I think we still have a way to go. This web site offer is to help you get you web presence up during this thin time!
we do big webs too, but why?
Not every one needs it. Been there run one.
This offer is for you who don't have that
much to spend!
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$300 web site
6 Jan 2010

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Limited Time Offer
Nov 19, 2009

This offer ends after the first 20 customers have signed up (or at the discretion of the web developer... plead your case!! :) ) Price is subject to change. All offers considered.
Full Database driven, Flash web stes are available, just ask.

I think we should be here to help each other through these tough times. So here's the deal. We'll give you a 5 page website for $600 $300 if you sign up with our hosting partner. If you want to host with someone else, that's totally cool with us. We just need to interface with your hosting server and ask to pay a little more for us to work with another system. These sites are done by humans not just a machine or canned software system.
Free 1 hour consultation.
We use your logo, your colors, your pictures and your text content. If you need some help just ask. We'll throw a little free consulting your way[2 hrs]. And if you want a bigger, better site, we can do that too. Go to out-raij-ous.com or andraysays.com to see our bigger, better stuff.

This special offer includes:

Pictures: This offer includes a maximum of 10 of your publish ready pictures.

Hosting: This offer must include hosting with our partner. Sign up through our link is required. If you already have hosting, please $50 to the fee to work with your host account. This web site runs on Linux/PHP servers only.

5 pages includes the opening main page. The contact page includes address / phone information.

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Flash web sites ($600 & up) and
Dynamic web sites (quoted on request) also available.

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